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Program Wakaf 5.000 Al Quran untuk Aceh (Tahap ke-3)

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1. Background

The ability to read and understand the Qur'an could influence the understanding and behavior of Muslim. The Qur'an as a source of faith and akhlak would save the nation from moral decadency, if people could be able to read and understand the Qur'an properly and familiar with it since early ages. Therefore people are expected to be able to practice the contents in their daily lives. 

Allah Subhaanahu wata’ala said in the Qur’an: 
"Read the Qur’an with Tartil. (Surah al-Muzzammil: 4)"

"We make it easy and really have Holy Qur’an to be learned (Surah al-Qomar: 17)" 

Prophet Muhammad Shollallaahu'alaihi aasallaam said: 

"Each of you is a leader, and each of you will be required to account for its leadership. (Narrated by Bukhari, Muslim, danTirmidzi) ".

Under the partnership with Badan Agama dan Pendidikan Radin Mas Singapore (B.A.P.A), Yayasan Kemaslahatan Ummat (YKU) Aceh again conducted an event of distributions of Al Quran and Translations in the Municipality of Banda Aceh, Province of Aceh, Indonesia. The event was conducted on Saturday, 1 March 2014, in Ministry Office of Islamic Affair (Kementrian Agama Islam), Province of Aceh. 

2. Objective

To distribute Al Qur'an and Translations for orphans, the poor and schools in Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar and Lhokseumawe.

3. Outputs

To distribute Al Quran and Indonesian translations of 300 mushaf which were donated through B.A.P.A Singapore to orphanages and the needy in Aceh as well as 100 Al Quran for school. 
Implementations and understand how to read Al Qur'an with a method of "HIKMAH"
Tengku / Ustadz, orphans, the poor, and students get the short training on how to read and understand Al Qur'an by the method of "HIKMAH".

4. Events 

The event of distribution of Al Qur'an was held on the: 
1. Main event 
Day : Saturday 
Date : March 1, 2014 
Hours : 09.00 to finish 
Place : Office of the Ministry of Islamic Affair, Aceh Province 
2. Second event 
Day : Friday and Saturday 
Date : 7 and March 8, 2014 
Place : Hall Junior High School Lhokseumawe

5. Beneficiaries 

In this occasion YKU distributed as many as 400 Al Quran and Indonesian Translations for orphans and schools, among which 300 Al Quran were donated under BAPA Singapore specifically for the orphans and poor children of Aceh. 

Organizations and Panti Asuhan invited for this Al Quran distributions are:

No. Organization Wakaf Al Quran (mushhaf)

1. Panti Asuhan Nurul Huda 50
2. Panti Asuhan Al Washliyah 30
3. Panti Asuhan An Nur 20
4. Panti Asuhan Muhammadiyah 30
5. Panti Asuhan Walyatama Ajun 50
6. Yatim Piatu SMP Lhokseumawe 50
7. Lembaga Nailul Huda Singkil 50
8. Jama’ah Ahlussunnah Waljama’ah Meunasah Papeun 20
Total donated by B.A.P.A 300
9 SMA Negeri 7 Banda Aceh 100

6. Rundown of Event

(1) Training or brief explanation on lightning how to read and understand Al Quran under the method of "HIKMAH".
(2) Handing over 400 Qur'an symbolically to Tengku / Ustadz representing orphans, the poor, and the schools in the Municipality of Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar District.
(3) Introduction from the Chairman of YKU about Donation Program of 5.000 Al Quran in Aceh.
(4) Message from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Aceh Province.
(5) Comments and discussions from IAIN Ar Raniry Aceh about the method of Hikmah.
(6) Taushiah 
(7) Closing and Du’a.

7. Audiences

Kementrian Agama Kab Aceh besar. : 1 people
Ketua MAA Kab Aceh Besar. : 1 people
Panti Asuhan anak yatim-miskin Nurul Huda : 12 people
Panti Asuhan anak yatim Al WasHliyah : 10 people
Panti Asuhan anak yatim Walyatama : 10 people
Panti Asuhan anak yatim An Nur komplek PLN : 10 people
Rumah yatim : 10 people
SMA 7 : 20 people
Pengurus YKU : 10 people
Unmuha : 1 people
TOTAL : 85 people

8. Documentation

The photo documentation is enclosed.

9. Closure

Under the expectation that the Program Wakaf of 5.000 Al Quran would be fully supported by the government and the people of Aceh, we do hope that this activities of distribution of Al Qur'an and Translations would benefit for the people of Aceh. 

We also hope that this program would be the reference to the Provincial Ministry of Islamic Affairs for the implementation of the distribution of the Qur'an to orphans and the poor in the Municiplity of Banda Aceh, the District of Aceh Besar and Lhokseumawe. Deep appreciation is expressed to Badan Agama dan Pengajaran Radin Mas Singapore (BAPA) for continous supports and attention for YKU. 

May Allah Subhaanahuwata’ala bless us with HIS Rahmah and Hidayah.


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 Photo session after handing over Alqur'an  Handing over Al-Qur'an from government representative to stakeholders
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 All Participants attended this ceremony at Ballroom of Ministry of Islamic Affair  Speech from Director of YKU
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Photo gethering with BAPA representative with Orphans in Panti Asuhan Al-Washliyah Handing over Al-Qur'an from BAPA representative to head of Panti Asuhan Al-Washliyah


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