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ICED-USAID Program 2014: YKU as Implementing Partner

Aceh has a large potential of biogas energy development. According to Central Bureau of Statistic’s data 2012, the total population of cattle in Aceh Province is 701,284. Since 2012, Yayasan Kemaslahatan UmmatYKU (Kemaslahatan Ummat Foundation) has been developing a biogas energy program made of cow in Aceh Besar District. The first pilot project was conducted in Meunasah Papeun Village, Krueng Barona Jaya Subdistrict, Aceh Besar District.

During 2014, YKU is being an implementing partner of USAID for Indonesia Clean Energy Development (ICED) Program, during which 20 household scale biogas reactors plus 3 reactors in tofu factories and boarding school are developed in Aceh Besar District. The objective of this program under YKU-ICED is to increase people’s energy independence while at the same time to preserve the environment, to support the improvement of the local economy, and ultimately to reduce the carbon emission as much as 281,000 kg CO2per year.

YKU has been designing the reactor which is simple, easy, and affordable, hence could be developed later on by the community. The biogas reactor is constructed of polyethylene (PE) plastic 0.5 mm, thus the unit price of a biogas reactor would not exceed IDR 10,000,000.- (or equal to USD 909, with the exchange rate of USD 1 equals to IDR 11,000). The replacement of conventional fossil energy by biogas would Improve and expand the community’s energy independence. Beneficiaries obtain significant economic benefits as a an added value, i.e. the transfer of conventional energy consumption costs to other productive expenditure for additional family incomes, cost of education, health, and other costs of living. It is eventually expected that the positive impact of these activities would contributes to USAID emission reduction efforts, and to continue to reduce further in the following years with the widespread use of biogas energy specifically in Aceh, and throughout Indonesia in general.

biogas1 biogas2
Fig. 1. Reactor made of PE plastic
(Source: YKU, 2013)
Fig. 2. Electricity through electrical generator
(Source: YKU, 2013)
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