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Network for Waste to Energy Project out of the Landfill of Gampong Jawa, Municipality of Banda Aceh, Province of Aceh, INDONESIA


YKU Aceh extracted methane gas out of the Landfill of Gampong Jawa under the operational of DK3 (Department of Solid Waste Management), Municipality of Banda Aceh to be further utilised for renewable energy for the community.

The project inluded the design of methane gas pipe system under landfill cell surface and its construction to utilize methane for cooking and electricity of around 30 kW for the community at the surrounding of Gampong Jawa Landfill.

Appreciation is addressed to Mr. Mirzayanto of DK3 Banda Aceh who entrusted YKU Aceh for project implementation.


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Fig. 1. Siteplan of Methane Gas Pipe Web
(Source: YKU, 2015)
Fig. 2. Field Survey for DED and benchmarking
(Source: YKU, 2015)
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Fig. 3. Excavations over the piles of waste
(Source: YKU, 2015)
Fig. 4. Pipes are placed about 1 to 2 metres subsurface
(Source: YKU, 2015)
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Fig. 5. SSD (Sub Soil Drain are covered back
with rocks to avoid cloggings by waste

(Source: YKU, 2015)
Fig. 6. Work methodology
(Source: )
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