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Biogas of Cow Manure presented in Aceh Besar

The Government of Aceh Besar District through Mining and Energy Department launched a grant of renewable energy from Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Indonesia targeted to 15 beneficiaries in Kecamatan Jantho Baroo, Aceh Besar.

YKU Energy designed the digester or reactor system; and on 7 Decembet 2015 -- through a training of operation and maintenance for all beneficiaries -- biogas stove has been tested and resulted mathane gas for cooking.


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Fig. 1. Explanation about operation and maintenance of biogas reactor. (Source: YKU, 2015) Fig. 2. Biogas technology was described in detail for the people of Aceh Besar as well as the beneficiaries.
(Source: YKU, 2015)
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 Congratulation for Bapak Fauzi, Head of Mining and Energy Department, Kabupaten Aceh Besar for the success implementation of biogas pilot project in the district! (Source: YKU, 2015)  Explanation about operation and maintenance of biogas reactor. (Source: YKU, 2015)
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Fig. 3. Design of biogas reactor -- dome type
(Source: YKU, 2015)
 digester dome made of reinforced-plastered of concrete. (Source: YKU, 2015)
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 And here we go the stove energized by methane gas out of animal manure... (Source: YKU, 2015)  Outlet where the slurry can be reused for fertilizer. (Source: YKU, 2015)
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 Water trap or methane gas regulator (Source: YKU, 2015)  Water basin to ensure water availibility for mixing process. (Source: YKU, 2015)



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