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Iftar and Lebaran Package Aid

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Deep appreciation this time is directed to MakCik Mastura Mamat and PakCik Samsudin BinBaderi who have organised some donations from Muslim Families of Singapore for Iftar and Eid Packages for orphans and dhu'afa in Aceh. YKU Aceh is honored to again have an opportunity to represent Muslim Families of Singapore to conduct this activity

The iftar activitity and its package distribution was conducted in Dayah Nurul Huda, Kabupaten Aceh Besar. The iftar and Eid Packages were given for 170 children in this Dayah/Pesantren.

Glad to see those innocent faces were happy to have iftar together.

Baarakallaahu fiikum MakCik Mastura Mamata, PakCik Samsudin BinBaderi, and all donor of Muslim Families from Singapore. May this Ramadhan 1437 H brings happiness to all of us...fid-dun-ya wal akhirat.

Aamiin... !






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